Our Sovereign Basswood Shutters are lovingly crafted from A-Grade American Basswood (tilia americana), which is a native hardwood harvested exclusively from the east coast forests of North America. We use this hardwood timber, Premium A-Grade American Basswood for its light weight, unmatched stability, splendid colour/grain uniformity, its remarkable resistance to warping, and its reliable stability when cut, shaped and dried.


Of course hardwood shutters can be made from any timber, but we know lighter is always better as most any hardwood timber can and will make shutters heavier, which in turn – and over time – will cause unnecessary strain to joints and hinges. A lightweight timber with a very fine uniform texture, colour and grain, basswood is also remarkably easy to machine, screw, glue, and is a very compliant material when sanded, sealed, painted or stained to its luxurious, smooth and naturally satisfying wood finish.

In addition to these industry attributes, basswood also remains a reliable, renewable resource as careful, monitored, annual US hardwood forest management ensures all tree harvesting is done responsibly while sustainably balancing fresh wood growth with timber removal.